A BIG thank you to Victoria and everyone that shared a Barb's experience in 2018 - see you in March 2019!


  • victoria fish and chips

    Dockside Dinners

    We source our Halibut directly from BC’s West Coast fishermen. We buy fresh whole fish and filet it in our kitchen into beautiful white and flaky 1/4 pound servings. Voted Victoria’s Best Fish & Chips 2013!

  • barbs seafood

    Seafood Sides

    A real treat is our home-made Seafood Chowder. Delicious fresh pieces of halibut; salmon; smoked salmon; clams; mussels; freshly chopped vegetables and all in a cream base and served with garlic toast.

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    Our hamburger patties are truly home-made. We take fine cuts of beef and turn them into ground beef with our own blend of seasonings. 100% Canadian Beef with no fillers.

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    Sides & Kids

    In the past year, Barb’s Fish & Chips sold more French Fries that any other restaurant in Victoria. This includes Wendy’s, two different New York Fries’ locations and four different McDonalds!